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Terminated fiber optic cables

Terminated fiber optic cables are offering the advantage of saving time costs compared to the assembly and testing of connectors on site.

New offer.

FABER supplies fiber optic cables with all common fiber optic connectors e.g. LC, E2000,  SC and ST, via cable divider and fanout kit on loose tube cables or direct assembly to breakout cables.

Choose your individual assembly.

Please download our onfiguration document and send it back to telecom@faberkabel.de.


PLUG and PLAY - Your benefits:

Time savings:
Completely assembled, tested and immediately ready for installation with drawing in and plug protection tube.
Installation time on site is significantly reduced.

Cost savings:
No expensive technical equipment or highly specialized fiber technicians are required for the installation.

Custom made:
Your cable will be customized to the length and plug requirements of your project.


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Über uns

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