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Things to know about circuit integrity cables

Circuit integrity cables E30 for safe building evacuation

In case of fire, the first 30 minutes after the fire has started are key to evacuating the burning building and to get the people inside to safety. Using circuit integrity cables in buildings with a high concentration of people is extremely important as it is the only way to ensure electrical circuit integrity in case of fire. Halogen-free E30 cables ensure circuit integrity for a period of 30 minutes in devices such as:
• safety lighting systems and backup power lighting;
• lifts with fire control system;
• fire alarm systems;
• smoke extraction systems;
• systems for warning and instructing people who are inside the burning building.
Apart from functional integrity of 30 minutes, circuit integrity cables E30 are also 2-hour rated cables, ensuring insulation integrity of up to 180 minutes in case of fire. In addition, safety cables cause reduced smoke gas levels and prevent fire propagation.

Circuit integrity cables E90 for better fire fighting

In order to effectively support fire fighters, it must be ensured that certain technical devices in a building are still supplied with sufficient power even 90 minutes after a fire has started. To bridge this time gap, affected buildings need to have halogen-free circuit integrity cables E90 installed. Devices requiring power supply to support the fire service with better and faster fire fighting include:
• mechanical smoke extraction and smoke protection pressure systems;
• systems to increase the pressure of extinguishing water used by the fire brigade;
• firemen lifts and large bed lifts in hospitals.
Circuit integrity cables E90 are also 2-hour rated cables, ensuring an insulation integrity of up to 180 minutes with reduced smoke gas levels and no fire propagation.

Installing circuit integrity cables: Power cables & communication cables

Halogen-free power cables with circuit integrity E30 or E90 are suitable for installing indoors, in air or concrete as well as outdoors in a protective pipe, provided no water can collect there. Circuit integrity cables cannot be installed directly underground or in water. Certain circuit integrity cables have been specially designed for use as fire signalisation cables in fire detection systems. These safety cables have been tested for circuit integrity according to DIN 4102 Part 12 for all standard bearing systems (cable trays and cable ladders as well as ceiling installation).
Halogen-free communication cables with circuit integrity E30 or E90 have been designed for installation in dry or wet rooms. Apart from using them as installation cables in rooms with a fire hazard and a high concentration of people or material assets, the cables are also suited for signal transmission in measuring, control or data technology systems.
Please observe the relevant installation instructions on our website for all Faber circuit integrity cables.

Powerful circuit integrity cables by Faber

Faber is your cable expert where you can find a large selection of cable solutions by the metre for various electrical installations, including circuit integrity cables, E30 cables and E90 cables. Our portfolio includes halogen-free power cables and communication cables as safety cables in various cross-sections, for example, E30 cables 3x1.5 and E30 cables 3x2.5. Visit our online shop to see our product range and impressive product availability for yourself. All of our circuit integrity cables have been tested in a series of standard and custom bearing constructions. On request we are able to provide you with appraisal certificates issued by an official material testing institute. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about circuit integrity cables. Our cable specialists are looking forward to assisting you with finding the right circuit integrity cables for your specific requirements.

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