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Things to know about coaxial cables

Differences between coaxial cable types to look out for

Digital coaxial cables are used to transmit high-frequency signals. They are also called coax for short or, depending on their field of use, TV coaxial cable or coaxial aerial cable.

Faber offers you a wide choice of high-end coaxial cables with different wave impedance and attenuation values. We can provide your customers with RG cable types for particularly long distances and high frequencies. Our coaxial cables are well suited as digital satellite coax cables or for cable TV (CATV cables) but also for traditional radio and TV antennas (coaxial audio cables). Just contact us to find more information about different coaxial cable fittings, or if you are unsure about which coaxial cord is the right one for your applications. We will find the solution you need!

Shielded coaxial cables for digital SAT, TV coax and high-frequency and broadband communication

Coaxial cables consist of four main components: On the outside, a high-quality sheath protects the internals from external influences. On the inside, however, is a wire made from thin copper strands, also called the “core”, acting as the inner conductor. It is surrounded by the outer conductor, shielding the inner conductor from interferences. The dielectric—an insulation layer for added stability and for separating the two conductors—is located between inner and outer conductor.
The shielded insulation layer creates an electro-magnetic field between inner conductor and outer conductor—instead of inside the cable. This type of shielding is what makes coaxial cables so special and ensures this product’s high bandwidth.
Until just a few years ago, coaxial data cables were also used in computer networking. Today, Ethernet cables or Wi-Fi are far more prevalent here. For home or business use, however, coaxial cables are still very popular as aerial cables or to broadcast radio stations.

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