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Different models of CEE extensions in our Faber B2B shop

Our Faber B2B shop offers different models of CEE extension cables. Depending on your area of use, CEE extensions are available with different types of power loads.

CEE extension with Mennekes plug and socket

In partnership with Mennekes, Faber has designed CEE extensions on a new quality level. This CEE extension with plug and socket has a new generation of contact jacks to enable both easy handling and installation at the highest safety level. The extension cables are available in different types for various power loads and offer variable use options for event and construction site equipment and machines—and you can use our CEE extensions indoors as well as outdoors.

Areas of use and characteristics of the CEE extension cables

CEE extension cables are used across different industries. The cables can be installed in dry or wet rooms and also outdoors. The CEE extension comes in handy when going camping in your spare time or it can be used outdoors on construction sites for tools, equipment or machines. The extension cables can also be utilised to connect power cables in event technology.

CEE cables used as extensions: Overview of characteristics

The CEE extension with plug and socket excels indoors and outdoors because it is:
• an oil-resistant cable
• a UV- and ozone-resistant cable
• splash-proof according to IP44
• a rubber extension
• Connection technology: screwed contact

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