Compression cable lugs

Compression cable lugs by Faber help you create successful connections between solid and stranded conductors. By screwing and plugging, the compression cable lugs provide the ideal terminal contact with conductive components.

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Product information

Compression cable lugs for conductors in various designs

Cable lugs for safe connection of screws and conductors

The cable lugs made of aluminium and copper are formed by compressing and trimming a copper pipe. When applied, the cable lug is routed over the cable and crimped to the conductor’s stripped end using crimping pliers. Terminal contacts enable the compression cable lugs to create a safe electrical connection from conductors to the required components by screwing and plugging. They are available from Faber in various sizes.

Compression cable lugs for various conductor shapes

The cable lugs can be used with a variety of conductor shapes. They can be used to connect solid and stranded circular conductors or re-rounded sector-shaped conductors. The abbreviations and markings on the compression cable lugs specify screw dimensions, manufacturer, tool index and the right nominal cross-section for the relevant conductor shape.

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