Compression joints

Use our compression joints for a safe and strong connection between cables, conductors and cords. They can be used for solid and stranded circular conductors or re-rounded sector-shaped conductors. With a wide range of dimensions available, you're sure to find the perfect joint for your application.

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Product information

Compression joints for cables and conductors in various designs

Compression joints for a secure hold

To create the perfect crimping connection, the conductors first need to have their ends finished. This is done by stripping the cable ends. Once the conductors are pure metallic, they can ensure a corrosion-free connection to the cable compression joint. Once the cable has been routed, you can start crimping. The compression joints are crimped using a suitable crimping tool to provide the optimum contact with the conductor.

Compression joints for a multitude of applications

Made of aluminium, the compression joints are available in various designs for circular conductors and re-rounded sector-shaped conductors. You can use the conductive joint to crimp these solid or stranded conductors into contact to achieve the required connection. Our aluminium compression joints to the DIN standard specify the number of crimps in their indexes and markings. The cable compression joints are excellently suited for strain-relieved connections between conductors and cords.

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