Bus cables

Bus cables are system control cables used in automated systems for transmissions between sensors, actuators and the electronic system.

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Things to know about bus cables

Bus system for maximum flexibility in electrical installations

BUS (Binary Unit System) is used for transmitting data between individual participants (actuators, sensors, operating elements, etc.) within a network. The bus cable creates a data connection. Bus lines are laid in a line, star or tree structure. The individual bus participants are all connected to one wire and use it to exchange signals for switching, controlling, adjusting and monitoring. Bus systems provide maximum flexibility because the linkage of the entire electrical installation is not done by the usual wiring, but by programming. So if the room layout changes in a building, no re-laying of cables is necessary, only a re-programming of the system which, in addition, can be extended easily and quickly.

Bus cable as a control cable for building automation

Bus cables are often used in smart building automation and building systems technology. Homes equipped with such a bus system are called “smart homes”. With the help of bus cables in bus systems, many functions in a home can be easily remote controlled, e.g., room temperature or lights. At the same time, automation and controlling can save energy and costs.

Bus cable KNX, bus cable 2x2x0.8, CAN bus cable and more from Faber

Faber’s vast product range includes bus cables for various industrial bus systems, such as KNX, Profibus, Interbus, CAN bus or DeviceNet; systems with KNX bus cables are the most widely used. In addition, our portfolio is accessible 24/7.
Benefit, among others, from bus cables as per the international Profibus fieldbus standard for universal applications in production and process automation; bus cables for open Interbus fieldbus systems; and CAN bus cables used in automation technology for connecting controllers and control devices. The wires are available in many different models, such as bus cable 2x2x0.8.
We also offer many in-house FABER® bus cables. Come and see our diverse product range for yourself. You can be sure to find what you are looking for! Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or suggestions. Our cable specialists are looking forward to assisting you with bus cables or bus systems.

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