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Energy cables and cable carrier cables for a variety of applications

Cable chain cables and cable carrier cables are used in particular in cable carriers in machine and systems engineering. The halogen-free cables suitable for drag chains operate here as connection cables to transmit energy and signals to constantly moving machine and system parts. However, cable chain cables and cable carrier cables have also been designed for other industries such as measurement and control technology, automation technology, assembly and handling technology, automotive industry and industrial robotics. In control technology, cable drag chains may be used for distributing energy in electrical control circuits, and in automation technology for supplying the load circuits of electrical operating resources. In manufacturing environments with production or assembly lines, cable carrier cables can also operate as control cables or data cables.

PVC and PUR cable chain cables and cable carrier cables

Cable chain cables and cable carrier cables are available in a variety of insulation and sheath materials. Cable manufacturer Faber can provide you with PVC cables for drag chains and PUR wires for energy chains. PVC cable carrier cables are used for flexible and highly flexible loads in cable carriers, as control wires, data cables or connecting cables as well as on machine tools while PUR energy chain cables provide improved resistance to highly flexible loads. Cables for drag chains with a polyurethane (PUR) sheath are always used when highest flexibility, drive strength, notch toughness, oil resistance and resistance to chemicals present in industrial environments are required of cable solutions, because the cables and wires have excellent properties. Notch-resistant PUR cables suitable for drag chains have been designed for continuous operation under extremely high bending loads.
The cables for drag chains made from PVC and polyurethane are available from Faber’s extensive product range as shielded or unshielded cables in a variety of cross sections. You are looking for cable carrier cables with special requirements on electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC)? You can be sure to find what you are looking for at Faber. Our products are available to you 24/7 in our online shop. You can now find the right energy chain cable meeting your industry’s requirements.

Installing cables and wires in cable drag chains

When used in drag chains or energy chains, data and control cables as well as connecting and energy cables are exposed to extremely high mechanical loads. In order to achieve maximum service life, ie, the amount of bending cycles of cables and wires, there are a few aspects to be considered during installation. Be sure to insert the cable chain cables into the chain without twisting them and to keep the weight distributed in the drag chain as symmetrical as possible. Try to install wires loosely and individually. All the cables in the drag chain must be strain-relieved on the fixed and moveable end without squeezing the core insulation. The complete installation instructions for cable carrier cables can be found here. If properly installed, cable chain cables can perform millions of bending cycles in continuous use in multi-shift operation, thereby improving the efficiency of your machines and systems.

Faber—your partner for cables and wires suitable for drag chains

Do you have any questions or suggestions on our cable solutions for drag chains and energy chains? Simply contact us, and our cable experts will be happy to help you with all your cable chain cable needs. You are unsure whether PVC or PUR cable carrier cables are the right choice for your particular area of use? Together we will find a powerful cable solution of the highest quality, meeting your requirements. When it comes to energy chain cables, Faber is your reliable partner!

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