flame retardant acc. IEC 60332-1-2 cable halogen-free screened cable cable conform to Low Voltage directive cable category 7+
reel-in-box 100 m
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Customs Tariff Number (code number) 85444991000000000
CPR-classification according to EN 50575 Dca
Specification/Standard ISO/IEC 11801-1:2017-11 - ISO/IEC 11801-6:2017-11, IEC 61156-5:2020
Conductor material copper, bare
Insulation foam-PE
Screen over stranding unit Foil
Screen over strand tinned copper braid
Sheathing material FRNC-compound HM2
Colour of outer sheath orange RAL 2004
Flame-retardant VDE 0482-332-1-2/IEC 60332-1-2
Smoke density DIN EN 61034/IEC 61034
Halogen-free DIN EN 50267/IEC 60754
Permitted outer cable temperature, fixed, °C -20 - +70 °C
Permitted outer cable temperature, moved, °C 0 - 50 °C
Bending radius, fixed installation 4 x Ø
Bending radius, moving application 8 x Ø
Impedance 100 Ohm
Transfer impedance 5 Ohm/km
Velocity factor (NVP) 0.78 v/c
Category 7+
Segregation class (EN 50174-2) d
Core identification colours acc. to IEC 60708
diameter conductor 0.56 mm
Conductor resistance 75 Ohm/km
Width 15.2 mm
Height 7.5 mm
Combustion heat (fire load) 0.39 kWh/m
Tensile strength (during installation) 196 N
Copper weight (GER) 64
metal base Cu 100 EUR/100 kg
net weight per 1000 104 kg
Unit of measurement metre
Conductor diameter, mm 0.56 mm
Sheathing material FRNC-compound
Cable shape twin-cable
Halogen-free yes
Oil-resistant no
Colour orange
Conductor construction class 1 = solid
Insulation foam-PE

For the connection of IT system units in the desktop area (tertiary sector), e.g. between floor distributors and workstation up to 1000 Mbit/s (category 7+). It fully complies with the electromagnetic compatibility requirements (EMC) of European Standard EN 55022 and the guidelines of the European Postal Administration. Furthermore, the copper braiding ensures perfect matching with screened connectors.

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