Building entry for fibre optic cables

A building entry for fiber cables is of crucial importance, especially when laying the fiber optic connection into the house. By choosing the right building entry point with different types of walls, a seal can be ensured during installation. Thus, a fiber optic line can be laid to your building without any problems, which will connect you to the fiber optic network.

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Things to know about building entries for fibre optic cables

Application for building entries for fibre optic cables

Whether above ground or underground, we offer the highest level of convenience in terms of flexibility and security for your fiber optic buidling entry.
In the case of a FTTH expansion on one's own building, drilling is necessary, among other things, to connect the building to the fiber optic network. Optionally, a buidling entry for fiber optics can be laid above ground directly into the house or underground into the basement. The fiber optic cable is routed via an empty conduit to the house connection or building entry point.
After installation of the FTTH house connection, the borehole is additionally sealed by means of the house entry to prevent, among other things, water ingress at the connection.

Advantages of building entries for fibre optic cables

With our fiber optic buidling entries, we offer flexible options for different wall types and installation situations.
The installation on the house wall after civil engineering takes place directly in the basement, on the house wall or diagonally on the upper floor. Our products, which ensure proper sealing during drilling, offer you the following advantages:
• Simple and quick installation
• Secure hold in the borehole
• Exclusion of installation errors due to compliance with the minimum bending radii

Installation of building entries for fibre optic cables for any building

As a system provider, Klaus Faber AG offers you fiber optic cable entries that are perfectly matched to the fiber optic components for the fiber optic connection.
In addition to well-founded product expertise, our high-quality product portfolio in the field of fiber optic technology guarantees simple, fast and safe installation of your fiber optic cables. As a system supplier, we deliver all required components directly to your installation site.

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