Customer premise entry as junction box

Customer premise entries provide the link in fiber optic cabling at the house between the owner and the network provider.

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Things to know about Customer premise entry

From the building entry point to the fiber optic connection box - A brief summary

The Customer premise entry is one of the most important fiber optic components in the cabling of a fiber optic connection. In FTTH expansion, it is important that optical fibers are correctly laid through empty conduits and correctly routed into the house by means of a house entry through the wall. The termination is the building entry point. The Customer premise entry is also known colloquially as the fiber optic terminal box or fiber junction box. If everything has been done correctly, there is nothing standing in the way of a connection for fast Internet via the fiber optic network.

Fiber optics throughout the house with the Customer premise entry

The Customer premise entry is usually located in the basement or directly on the outside wall of the house. The Customer premise entry establishes the connection between the network provider and the private building owner. After the fiber optic cables have been laid across the property line, the connection to the network is achieved through the owner's router by correctly connecting the APL.

The differences of the fiber optic junction boxes

Different Customer premise entry or APL have different effects on your fiber optic connection and cabling. In order to properly understand the technology for such fiber optic terminal boxes, we would like to briefly show the differences in the APL house connection:
• number of fibers deposited
• Lockable
• Suitable for sealing
• Different IP classes
• Different case sizes

Suitable Customer premise entry for every project

In order to meet the high quality requirements for modern fiber optic expansion, we want to offer the highest level of convenience when laying the fiber to the house with our Customer premise entries.
In particular, the modular design of the products guarantees maximum flexibility and customer orientation. We attach great importance to the fact that our fiber optic terminal boxes can be easily and professionally installed on the building.

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