Protected against dust in harmful quantities and complete protection against contact - protection against splashing water on all
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072908Faber® APL MEDIUM LEER
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in stock
in stock
Customs Tariff Number (code number) 39269097000000000
Dimensions (W x H x D) 150 x 212 x 53 mm
entries 3 entries (up to 10 mm Ø tubes, optionally retrofittable up to 12 mm Ø)
Inlet for Gas-water stop yes
Max. number of slots LC 12
Max. number of slots SC 6
Max. number of slots E2000® 6
Number of splices 12
Access protection lockable with lock
Sealing possible yes
Material concept-conform yes
Flexible, divisible seal kit (1 x) Ø 10 mm, (2 x) Ø 7 mm, (1 x) 2 x Ø 7 mm, (1 x) 12 x Ø 5 mm, (1 x) 24 x Ø ≤ 3 mm
Number of  PLC-splitter-clip-holder 1
Unit of measurement One (unit)
protection class IP 54

The Faber APL 12 -Medium- is designed for 3-point wall mounting. The screws are included with the Faber APL 12 -Medium- and are concealed after installation. The lid opens upwards and locks into place for fiber mounting when open. The lid can also be easily removed and reinserted via a quick-release fastener. Inside the lid is a document pocket as well as a gasket. The Faber APL 12 -Medium- can be protected against unauthorized access via 2 lateral sealing wire guides or the inserted lock.

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