dust-tight and complete protection against contact - protection against temporary immersion in water
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074315Faber® OEM APL MEDIUM24 IP55 3 x LC/APC-QUAD-Adapter + 12 x Pigtails
in stock

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075025Faber® OEM APL MEDIUM24 IP55 without Adapter and Pigtails
in stock
074316Faber® OEM APL MEDIUM24 IP55 6 x LC/APC-QUAD-Adapter + 24 x Pigtails
in stock
Customs Tariff Number (code number) 85367000990000000
Dimensions (W x H x D) 258 x 186 x 61 mm
Inlet for Gas-water stop yes
Max. number of slots LC 24
Max. number of slots SC 12
Max. number of slots E2000® 12
Number of splices 2
Sealing possible yes
Material concept-conform yes
Number of  PLC-splitter-clip-holder 0
net weight per 1000 900 kg
Unit of measurement One (unit)
protection class IP 55

The Faber® OEM APL Medium24 is a lightweight and compact wall-mounted enclosure for the connection of
up to 24 patch cables (LC/APC). Flexible use due to the increased IP protection class IP55 (dust protected and protection against water jets).
Is suitable both as a classic APL in the basement area and for outdoor installation. The universal box is also suitable for use with LC quad adapters and/or SC duplex adapters due to several adapter ports.
suitable. Delivery includes lock and key.
The Faber® OEM APL Medium24 covers all requirements for conveyor projects.

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