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Things to know about patch cables with multimode fibre

Applications of cables with multimode fibre

Multimode fibre optic patch cables are characterized by the multimode fibre they contain. With this fibre type, several modes are capable of propagation. In the application, this fibre does not affect the bandwidth, but the maximum transmission length.
However, the optical fibres in the multimode patch cable are not a difference in quality, but a distinction in the active component.

What is the distinction between singlemode and multimode fibres?

Patch cables multimode with a multimode fibre differ from the singlemode variant by several factors, such as:
• Core diameter
• Propagation capability of multiple modes
• Different transmission lengths depending on the selection of the fibre class.
This results in a differentiated refractive index.

Patch cable multimode with ideal properties

Multimode patch cables with a multimode fibre are characterized by the following factors:
• Large core diameter for propagation of multiple light modes
• Greater signal attenuation and delay shift
• Connections over shorter distances
• Simpler connection technology in relation to singlemode
Patch cords with this fibre type have an important technical distinction. The fibres can have different fibre classes. A distinction is made between OM3, OM4 and OM5.

Patch cables with multimode fibres for every requirement

We ensure that our fibre optic patch cables with multimode fibre meet your requirements. Whether for your data center or for connecting your router, Klaus Faber AG guarantees the highest quality and product convenience for each of your applications.
Whether it is a fibre optic patch cable LC-LC Multimode Duplex or our fibre optic cables in general, as a system provider we carry a complete FTTx range - from fibre optic cable to fibre optic components, we provide you with everything from a single source.

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