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Patch cable with singlemode fibre

Singlemode fibre optic patch cables contain singlemode fibres in different lengths and connector variants. In the application, the cables are preferably used to connect two devices over longer distances using optical fibres .

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Things to know about patch cables with singlemode fibre

Application of patch cables with singlemode fibre

Patch cables with singlemode fibres belong to the fiber optic components and are mainly used for longer transmission distances in the world of fiber optic technology. Unlike multimode fibers, only one mode is capable of propagation.
The active component determines the selection for using the singlemode fiber in the patch cable.

How to differntiate patch cables wih multimode fibres and singlemode fibres

As previously mentioned, the main difference of fiber optic patch cables singlemode, compared to multimode cables, is the connection to the active component and the propagation capability of a single mode. This results in the following properties for the cable:
• Suitable for bridging larger distances
• Smaller core diameter
• Same transmission properties of the fiber class, but differentiation of minimum bending radii
When selecting the right patch cable for your active component, it is especially important to pay attention to the correct connectors and connector types. The use case between simplex and duplex should also be clarified in advance.
Typical connectors are:
• ST: straight tip
• SC: subscriber connector
• LC: lucent connector
• LSH: standardized singlemode connector
A distinction is also made between the polishing of the connectors:
• PC: physical contact
• APC: angled physical contact

Patch cables with singlemode fibre in all versions

The need for technical consultation on cables with singlemode fibre should not be underestimated. We can provide you assistance with years of experience in getting to know the different designs in connectors, cable lengths and the fiber optics used.
Whether singlemode or multimode fiber optic cable, which cable length in meters, at Klaus Faber AG we ensure that the right products for your FTTx project are available from stock in our range.

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