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Excellent PUR cable characteristics thanks to polyurethane as a sheath material

Compared to PVC- or PE-sheathed cables and wires, PUR cables and lines have a number of benefits. The plastic polyurethane (PUR) is based on polyether and polyester and is used as a sheath material for insulating wires for special cable solutions. In particular single-wire or multi-wire PUR control cables and PUR connecting cables must sustain high loads during their use. The polyurethane sheath material protects the wires from external influences at high mechanical loads and prevents or stops tearing. Apart from notch toughness, flexible PUR cables and PUR wires also have other characteristics.
PUR cable specifications include:
• halogen-free
• non-flammable (according to VDE)
• drive strength
• bending strength
• notch toughness and/or tear resistance
• resistance against mineral oils
• flexibility
• temperature resistance (PUR cables are flexible at low temperatures)
• UV and ozone resistance
• resistance against a wide range of chemical solvents
• fresh and salt water resistance
Just like PVC cables, halogen-free PUR cables are flammable, but far more environmentally-friendly.

Installing PUR cables and wires

Faber can provide you with a wide range of PUR cables and wires in a variety of cross sections, eg, PUR cable 3x1.5mm, PUR cable 3x2.5mm or PUR cable 5x2.5mm. Depending on your chosen PUR cable solution, the cables may be installed in dry, moist or wet rooms, outdoors, in water up to a depth of 50m and even in potentially explosive environments, so they can be used as indoor as well as outdoor cables. Please observe the relevant guidelines on our website for installing PUR cables and PUR wires. Some PUR wires withstand medium mechanical loads, while other wires made from polyurethane are suitable for high to very high loads. Depending on your field of application or industry, you can be sure that Faber will have the right PUR cable for your needs. Our online shop is available 24/7. Just order your PUR cables and other cable solutions and we will deliver your cables and wires right on time.

PUR cables and wires for a variety of applications

Thanks to their excellent specifications, PUR cables and wires can be used in many different areas. As PUR control cables and PUR connecting cables, for example, they are suitable for control equipment such as machine tools, production and assembly lines, conveyors, transport systems and lifting gear. PUR wires can also be used as a trailing cable in drag chains. Further application fields benefitting from flexible PUR cables and wires are systems and machine engineering, automotive industry, automation technology, iron, steel and chemical industry as well as agriculture. The PUR cables 3x1.5mm, PUR cables 3x2.5mm and PUR cables 5x2.5mm are cables in common cross sections, but our product range also includes a wide variety of other PUR wires with different numbers of cores.

Your partner for PUR cables and wires

You would like to find out more about PUR wires and their specifications or have questions of a more general nature about our cable solutions? Then please do not hesitate to contact us today—our cable experts will be happy to help you with PUR cables and wires. Together we will customise a solution for you! You are interested in PUR cables with a print? Our service offering also includes customised cable print for our powerful quality-tested cables. Your personal Faber consultant will also be able to tell you PUR cable prices.

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