installation in free air without UV-protection (cable UV-resistant) cable conform to Low Voltage directive cable to a large extent oil resistant cable halogen-free flame retardant acc. IEC 60332-1-2 max. permitted temperature at conductor 90 °C min. installation temperature -35 °C cable with VDE-certification
p/nr.Part nameAvailabilityPackagingEUR netto pre-metal per 1.000 m.
053733H07BZ5- F FLEXICS CHARGE EVC 5G2.5+0.5 BK
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Customs Tariff Number (code number) 85444995900000000
Standard EN 50620, IEC 62893, VDE 0285-620
Conductor material copper, bare
Conductor construction Class 5 = flexible
Insulation halogen-free EVI-2
Pilot conductor copper, bare, class 5, halogen free, EVI 1, white
Core wrapping fleece
Sheathing material polyurethan EVM-1
Colour of outer sheath black
Flame-retardant VDE 0482-332-1-2/IEC 60332-1-2
UV-resistant ISO 4892-2
Oil-resistant EN 60811-404
Ozone-resistant VDE 0473-811-403/IEC 60811-403
Max. temperature at conductor, °C 90 °C
Max. short circuit temperature at conductor, °C 250 °C
Permitted outer cable temperature, fixed, °C -40 - +90 °C
Permitted outer cable temperature, moved, °C -35 - +80 °C
Bending radius, fixed installation 5 x Ø
Bending radius, moving application 15 x Ø
Nominal voltage Uo 450 V
Nominal voltage U 750 V
Core identification colours acc. to VDE 0293 (HD308)
Number of cores 5
metal base Cu 150 EUR/100 kg
Unit of measurement metre

Halogen-free cables are intended for charging electric vehicles. For Laying in dry and damp areas and outdoors. The cable is largely chemical- and oil-resistant.

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