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Things to know about silicone cables

Cold and heat resistant silicone cables by Faber

As flexible cables, silicone cables are characterised by extremely high heat resistance to ambient temperatures of up to 250 °C while retaining permanent flexibility. Halogen free silicone cables differ from conventional PVC-isolated cables in the fact that they retain their original shape even in high temperature conditions and thus ensure functional integrity even in the event of fire. Thanks to these features, the silicone rubber sheathed and isolated cables and wires are suitable for a wide range of applications that require flexibility and high heat resistance. For instance, these include the lighting industry, electrical heating design, thermal engineering and process engineering. Silicone cables are also used in smelting plants, steelworks and even in saunas. In addition to heat resistant silicone cables there are also cold resistant silicone cables and silicone wires. If you are looking for a silicone cable manufacturer for high performance cables as a reliable partner, Faber is the right choice. In our extensive product range you will find the right silicone cable for every application and for both extreme temperature conditions in various cross sections and sold by the metre: Silicone cable 3x1.5 mm², silicone cable 5x2.5 mm² and more. The wires of the silicone cables are braided into strands to form a braided cable that is insulated by a silicone sheath. Faber wires are made of bare copper and are neither tin-plated nor lacquered.

Halogen free and high flexibility silicone cables for various fields of application

Silicone cables are used as connection cables, control cables and supply cables. The cables and wires are suitable for fixed or flexible installation both indoors and outdoors, depending on the model. When installed indoors, silicone cables can be routed in dry, damp and wet rooms. It is also possible to route them through cable ducts. Please observe the relevant installation instructions for each silicone cable, available on our website. The permissible temperature range for the cold and heat resistant silicone cables is between -60 °C and +180 °C. Over a short period of time, the cables can even withstand ambient temperatures of up to 250 °C and are flame-retardant despite the high temperature conditions. Silicone cables combine the advantages of being halogen-free with high flexibility and cold/heat resistance. Among other uses, silicone cables are therefore also perfectly suited as sauna cables for electric sauna heaters. That's because only temperature resistant cables made of silicone are permitted for use as connection cables in sauna cabins, because conventional connection cables with PVC sheathing can become brittle and break over time. Therefore, sauna cables can be used for connecting not only the sauna heater but also sauna accessories, such as the light in the cabin. Thanks to their halogen free lacquer, silicone cables and wires are resistant to oils, greases, alkalis, acids and oxidising agents. They are therefore also suitable for use in transformers, motors and generators. Halogen free silicone cables can also be used in electric machines, switchgear, distributors and other products, such as heat-generating appliances. Further areas of application requiring the highest flexibility and resistance to various extreme temperature ranges include smelting plants, steelworks and rolling mills as well as glass and ceramic processing. Silicone cables are also the main type of cable used in the luminaire industry for the internal wiring of luminaires.

Your contact partner for questions regarding silicone cables

At the cable specialist Faber you will find both cold resistant and heat resistant silicone cables for various areas of applications. Visit our online page and convince yourself of our wide range of products, characterised by extremely high product availability. The cable manufacturer Faber guarantees that you will find the right high flexibility silicone cable for your application, which you can order by the metre in various cross sections – for instance, as silicone cable 3x1.5 mm² or silicone cable 5x2.5 mm². Should you have any questions about our products or need advice, please contact us today. Our specialists in the field of silicone cables will be pleased to provide you advice and to assist you with their expertise in selecting a temperature resistant silicone cable.

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