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Things to know about single-core cable

Flex single-core cable or rigid single-core cable? The characteristics of a flex single-core cable.

Single-core cables are used for internal wiring of devices or control cabinets. You can categorise them into flexible and rigid single-core cables. Basically, the following applies: Rigid single-core cables have one core, are solid and have been designed for fixed routing, while flexible finely stranded single-core cables are intended for moveable laying.
Rigid single-core cables can only be used in fixed, i.e., stationary electric installations. They are not suitable for moveable laying because the cables with rigid wires would break. That makes them well suited for building installations. Rigid single-core cables can be routed through pipes, cable ducts, cable trays and wire trays. Common cross-section values are 1.5mm² and 2.5mm². Flex cables with a single core, on the other hand, are suitable for any portable moveable electric installation, such as switch cabinets or distributors. Flex cables are most commonly used in cross-sections of 10mm² or 16mm².

Single-core cable 1.5mm², 6mm² or 10mm²—come and see our product variety for yourself

We can leverage many years of experience in the cable industry to offer you an extensive product portfolio that includes single-core cables. As a leading European cable manufacturer we can reliably deliver from Germany to anywhere in the world. Faber can provide you with single-core, multi-core and finely stranded single-core cables with a variety of nominal conductor cross-sections, from 0.5mm², 1mm², 1.5mm², 6mm² and 10mm² to 500mm².
All of our single-core cables have a round shape. For the wire casing you can choose between black, dark blue, brown, green-yellow and many others, using rubber, polyolefin, halogen-free polymer or meshed elastomer for isolation. In terms of core isolation, Faber distinguishes between rubber, PVC, a halogen-free isolation mix, halogen-free rubber and meshed polyolefin co-polymer.
You can be sure to find the right single-core cable at Faber for your specific application. Please don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts should you have any questions. We’ll be happy to help!

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