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Things to know about speaker cables

Quality speaker cables for perfect sound

Faber high-quality speaker wire is part of our portfolio of flexible lines. We can provide you with YFAZ twin speaker cables in seven versions as well as our private label FABER® Light and Sound LAS-JZ speaker wire in three variants. All the speaker leads are manufactured to the Faber quality standard you are used to and ensure flawless sound—whether at home or in public facilities such as cinemas or theatres. In addition, our high-end professional FABER® Light and Sound speaker cable types are highly flexible and perfectly suited for areas of application in stage, event and audio technology. They can also be used under demanding conditions, such as for routing in enclosed dry or wet spaces and even outdoors.

Combining compatibility and flexibility

Faber sound cables reliably join the speaker cable connectors of an amplifier with the loudspeaker box. This ensures loudspeaker activation through electric output with the sound signal. They are compatible with all common speaker wire connectors and excel in a design with maximum flexibility. The core of the twin speaker line uses oxygen-free copper as a conductor, while the core of the FABER® Light and Sound cable is made from pure copper.
We are your strong partner for high-end audio cables. Simply contact us if you would like to find out more about twin speaker lines of our FABER® Light and Sound speaker cable brand. We can offer you a comprehensive choice of numerous cross-sections and cable lengths so you are sure to find the right cable for your application.

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