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Self regulating heating cables for pipes

How self regulating heating cables work

Self regulating heating tapes are also referred to as self regulating heat tracing cables, self regulating heat traces or self limiting heating cables and heat the contact area to create an optimum temperature. As our heat tracing is made from durable materials, it resists even tough environments and, depending on the model, extreme temperatures. Self limiting heating cables can be installed on the outside of a pipe or a vessel, depending on the product, sometimes also in the pipe to provide the necessary level of frost protection.

Self regulating heating tapes are used in these areas

Self limiting heating tapes are used where a constant heating temperature is needed despite fluctuating ambient temperatures. For example, heat tapes are used in the oil, gas, chemical and food industry for various purposes. Here, they are needed for frost protection, temperature maintenance or as a container heater. Self regulating heating cables are also useful in commercial and residential construction or for infrastructure. They are installed as frost protection on surfaces or gutters and as heaters for floors and hot water pipes.

Advantages of self regulating heat tracing cables

Self regulating heating cables have an increased energy efficiency because their heat dissipation adapts to the ambient temperature. This self regulating effect also prevents overheating of these heating cables when installed crosswise. Based on their high-quality insulation made from durable materials, they can be used indoors as well as outdoors in various environments and in many cases are also suitable for explosive areas. Faber stocks self regulating trace heating tapes with an appropriate bending radius and length for any application.

Your reliable partner for self regulating electrical heating tapes

We stock self regulating heating cables along with components for controlling and monitoring, practical accessories and the necessary installation material to assemble your electrical heat tracing. You would like advice on a certain product? Our team of experts is happy to help with any questions you may have about self regulating heating cables and services. To that end, we work closely with ZIEGLER ENGINEERING GmbH, our subsidiary, to ensure that your heat tracing project is implemented successfully.

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