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Network cables

LAN cables with twisted pair copper wire are used for generic cabling of customer premises according to ISO/IEC 11801 and/or EN 50173. We can offer you LAN network cables in different models for a host of application areas.

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Things to know about network cables

Robust and fast LAN connections using network cables

Our ethernet cables ensure fast and reliably data connections. These LAN cables have twisted pair copper wire, making generic cabling of customer premises according to ISO/IEC 11801 and/or EN 50173 their ideal field of application. They ensure a robust fast LAN connection to easily transmit high data rates between IT system units, so they are ideally suited for Internet cable wiring in your home or office. At Faber you will find network installation cables for different categories, depending on your data transmission needs. Our comprehensive range of Internet cables spans transmission rates from 100 to 1200MHz, ensuring you will find the right cable for your IT system.

Network cables used as data cables

Whether home or office network—our comprehensive range of datalines is sure to provide you with the right cable for your application. All of our LAN cables have a twisted pair inner wire because twisted wire ensures fast data transmission. Datalines are often used for cabling routers and switches with the help of a patch panel, so these types of cables are also routinely called patch cables or patch cords.
The data lines of category 5 (also called Cat) are well suited for transmission rates of 100 MHz and are the affordable variant of our data cables. The successor of category 5 is category 5e (enhanced), which can also be used for 200MHz and gigabit Ethernet. If you want to transmit higher data rates of up to 1000 MHz, 1200 MHz and/or 1500 MHz you can use our network cables of category 7+ and/or 7a.
We can offer various types of shielding to effectively avoid interferences. Whether shielded or unshielded—our data cable wiring is a reliable and safe option for connecting your IT components. You can count on Faber as your professional data cable supplier for cable logistics and energy supply. Benefit from our extensive product portfolio, best-in-class service and short delivery times.

Safe electrical power cables for overhead lines

In contrast to low-voltage cables, which mostly run underground as earth cables, some regions also use aerial cables for the public distribution grid. Aerial lines with a shielded power cable are used for the home connection where the maximum grid voltage must stay below 1.2kV.
Faber’s power cables give you best-in-class constantly tested quality—in a comprehensive portfolio with maximum product availability. With Faber you can count on one of the largest cable manufacturers and distributors—and an expertise to win you over.

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