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Microducts, Multiducts and accessories by Faber

Microducts and Multiducts in many varietys for your project

Not only can you get in our Faber B2B-Webshop individual microducts, but also complete multiducts. We deliver the drums you need with our underground cale ducts directly to the construction site of your FTTx-expansion infrastructure project.
Microducts and multiducts can be bought in may different varietys:
• Opacity: Colored through or translucent with stripes.
• Color: In standard orange, but optional colors of the VDE color code are possible, such as red, green, yellow, white, gray, brown, violet, cyan, black, orange, pink
• Different combinations of outer and inner diameter of the microduct: 7/4, 10/6, 12/8, 14/10, 16/12, 20/15t. Optionally available with central tube.
You are interested in our microducts for fiber optic cables? Let us convince you of the special properties that distinguish our microduct conduits:
• UV resistance
• Permissible operating temperature from - 40 to + 50 °C
• Construction according to the following standards: IEC 60793-1, IEC 60793-2, IEC 60794-5
• Pipe material: HD-PE (high density polyethylene)
A detailed assignment of the properties to our products can be found in the deposited data sheet.

Laying of microducts and multiducts

The advantage of laying microducts and multiducts is once the underground laying is complete, any fiber optic cables can be blown in and out at will without having to reopen any trenches. This also makes replacing buried fiber optic cables a breeze.
For the most part, microducts and multiducts can be laid at - 15 to + 50 °C. This also makes microduct installation possible worldwide in a wide variety of climatic zones.
Our empty conduits are suitable for single occupancy during installation.
In addition, you can also purchase an intuitive MRV branching aid in the Faber B2B webshop, which ensures error-free laying of the microducts when branching.

Connect or close microducts

Just ordering our microducts alone is not sufficient for a proper underground installation. To ensure that the installation runs smoothly, other accessories are often required in addition to the microducts for fiber optics, such as:
Gas-/ Water block: for gas- and water-tight sealing of microduct systems.
Microduct connectors: for the secure connection of microducts with the same diameter.
Microduct end stops: for the easy sealing of individual microduct ends.
Reducer: for connecting microducts with different tube diameters.

The Faber B2B webshop is your one-stop source for the right accessories for every diameter. From sealing the pipe to connecting the pipe assemblies for fiberglass: we offer the highest product quality.

Additional installation accessories for microducts and multiducts

As a system provider, we offer in our store even more accessories for microducts, which greatly simplify the installation of the pipes or pipe assemblies, such as:
Labeling tags: provide temporary protection for open micropipe ends. Signs and transparent covers for the signs are available at our shop.
underground warning tapes: for early and reliable localization of buried fiber optic cables, available with and without locating wire

With these products, you are optimally equipped to blow the optical fiber into a microduct. You can also benefit from our extensive range of fiber optic cables.

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