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Fibre optic cables

Fibre optic cables, or ofc cables, are used for low-interference and low-attenuation transmission of signals and data across medium and long distances.

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Things to know about fibre optic cables

Buy ofc and transmit data reliably

The term fibre optic wire is often used as a synonym for glass fibre cable or glass fibre connection. Glass fibre cables are part of the optical fibre cable group.
Compared to standard cables, optical fibre wire excels in a higher bandwidth and is highly bug-proof. Thanks to the density and composition of the material used, fibre optic networks are a lot lighter in weight. In addition, they are less prone to interference from electric or electro-magnetic fields.
At Faber you can find fibre optic cable types for any application. Whether it is for indoor or outdoor routing using the ofc standard cable, indoor cable or data cable, or for blowing into ductwork and/or corrugated pipes of various diameters using ofc mini or micro cables—you will find what you are looking for in our ofc portfolio.

Fibre optic cables: Using multimode fibres to transmit optical signals

Fibre optic cables can be used to transmit light and/or optical signals, so ofc cables are primarily used for data transmission. They consist of optical fibre strands with a multi-layer sheath.
Optical fibre communication is excellently suited to medium or large distances. Thanks to their low attenuation levels, fibre optic cable transmission speed can reliably span distances of hundreds of kilometres. The bandwidth of optical fibre is measured in gigabits or even terabits. Their small diameter makes ofc cables more delicate than common copper wire, but also a lot more flexible. The sheath’s composition helps to offset the cables’ higher sensitivity, in particular for ofc cables used outdoors or in universal applications.
Their low interference susceptibility makes optical fibres easy to route together with other cable types as there are no electric or electro-magnetic fields impacting the performance of optical cables. They can be used flexibly and are also a very good fit for legacy installations.
Fibre optic splicing is one option for connecting several glass fibre cables; another option is the use of connectors. Please note that this may cause an attenuation of 0.02 to 0.2dB.
Fibre optic cable installations for indoors, outdoors or special requirement setups: We will be happy to help you choose the right fibre optic cable for your application. Just contact us and benefit from our many years of experience in glass fibre and its compatibility with other cable types.

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