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Indoor fibre optic cable

Thanks to their flame retardant cable jackets and high transmission reliability, indoor fibre optic cables are suitable as stable and fireproof fibre optic cables for indoor use.

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What are indoor fibre optic cables?

Indoor fibre optic cables and/or mini breakout indoor cables are halogen-free fibre optic cables for installation inside buildings. Thanks to their properties, the cables are exclusively suitable for indoor installation where they are used as riser cables or floor distributors.
Indoor fibre optic cables are installed, for instance, in cable ducts and shafts, ductwork and as a device connection line for workplaces.

Indoor fibre optic cables as stable installation cables for indoor use with high transmission reliability

Indoor fibre optic cables have a centrally located optic conductor, clad in aramid yarn as strain relief. The jacket of the fibre optic cables is halogen-free and flame retardant. Fibre optic glass fibre indoor cables not only enable fastest data transmissions but also excel in very good fire properties. The indoor cables are available as simplex cables with one fibre, as duplex cables with two fibres or as versions with more fibres such as 4, 6, 8, 12 or 24 fibres. Patch cables can also be assembled with a connector.
The properties of indoor fibre optic cables at a glance:
• flame retardant and halogen-free jacket
• low-smoke
• rip line under cable jacket
• flexibility
• high transmission reliability
• low attenuation

Fibre optic glass fibre indoor cables for flexible indoor installation

Indoor fibre optic cables are exclusively suitable for indoor installation and should never be used for underground installation. The optic cables can be routed inside buildings above or beneath render and are also approved for installation on outside walls. The fibre optic cables are used, among others, as a continuation of outdoor fibre optic cables all the way to cable termination devices, offering a secure transition from outdoor to indoor use. Their stable while flexible jacket made from polyurethane, the glass fibre indoor cables are perfectly suitable for pulling through cable ducts and shafts and as patch cords and adapter cables. Their 250 and/or 600µm loose tube easily enables direct mounting to a connector.

Quality-tested indoor fibre optic cables in Faber's B2B shop

Our extensive product range also includes a large selection of indoor fibre optic cables with various cross-sections and fibre counts. All our glass fibre indoor cables are also available as pre-assembled products and as single-mode versions.
If you are looking for the right fibre optic cables for indoor use or need to know more about our product assortment, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experts will be happy to help.

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