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Outdoor fibre optic cables

Fibre optic cables are used for low interference and low attenuation signal and data transmission. Outdoor fibre optic cables are particularly suited for assembly outdoors directly in the ground.

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Robust outdoor fibre optic cable for safe signal and data transmission

Fibre optic cables are robust and safe optic fibre cables for low interference and low attenuation transmission of signals and data across medium to long distances. The difference between indoor and outdoor fibre optic cables is the fact that the latter are particularly suited for assembly outdoors or directly in the ground. If a fibre optic (ofc) outdoor cable is installed directly in the ground without a cable conduit, ensure that the cables and wires rest on a stone-free bed of sand. In addition, keep sufficient space to other cables and wires nearby. You can also install data cables as fibre optic cables for outdoor use in cable lines and pipe systems.
Faber’s standard and premium fibre optic cable models can be installed in the ground thanks to their hard and dimensionally stable PE sheath in sheath colour black. Moreover, fibre optic cables for outdoor use are resistant to weather, UV and humidity, or more accurately, have transverse and longitudinal water tightness, and are also highly stable against mechanical loads. In order to extend the service life of your wires, use Faber’s outdoor fibre optic cables with metal rodent protection to proactively prevent rodents from damaging your fibre optic cables.

Faber’s quality-tested fibre optic (ofc) outdoor cables

Faber is a leading cable and wire supplier, which is why our extensive product range also includes outdoor fibre optic cables. Our cables and wires for signal and data transmission come in a variety of models, cross sections and numbers of cores, for example as outdoor rated fibre optic cable 2x12, outdoor rated fibre optic cable 4x12, outdoor rated fibre optic cable with rodent protection 18x24, outdoor rated fibre optic cable pre-assembled, etc. Come and see our powerful products for yourself. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need help when choosing the right fibre optic cable for outdoors or have any other questions about our cable solutions. Our experienced staff will be happy to help.

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