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Robust fibre optic cable outdoor for secure signal and data transmission

To ensure that fibre optic cables can also be used outdoors to easily transmit signals and data across medium to long distances with low interference and attenuation, special fibre optic cables for outdoor use are needed.
Fibre optic cables outdoor excel in the following properties:
• robustness
• resistance
• dimensional stability
• weather resistance
• UV resistance
• moisture resistance
• protection against rodents
Optic cables outdoor are extremely robust. The cables are weather-resistant, UV-resistant, moisture-resistant, or more precisely, possess transverse and longitudinal water tightness and have a high level of stability against mechanical strain. To extend the cables’ useful life, check out fibre optic cable outdoor with rodent protection. Cables in that design can precisely delay rodent infestation of the fibre optic cable you are using.

Laying fibre optic cables for outdoor use

Fibre optic cables outdoor are suitable for laying outdoors or directly underground. The robust and abrasion-proof PE cable jacket ensures installation in the soil and easy threading of cables through ductwork and cable ducts.
Installing a fibre optic cable without protective cable tube directly in the ground, ensure that cables and lines rest in a stone-free sand bed. In addition, keep sufficient space to other cables and wires nearby.

Faber's quality-tested fibre optic cable outdoor

As one of the leading providers in the cable and wire industry, we also offer fibre optic cable outdoor in our extensive product range. You can get fibre optic cable outdoor pre-assembled in various cross-sections, fibre and wire counts—depending on your needs in standard or premium versions.
Come and see our powerful products for yourself. If you need help to choose the right optic cables for outdoor use or would like to know more about our cable solutions, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help.

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