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Using micro fibre optic cables to get glass fibre to end users

Fibre optic micro cables are used as connection cables in local networks, PBXs and for transmitting data—so they are mainly used for connections within FTTH networks. Fibre to the home or fibre all the way to the home—the optic cables are installed all the way to the end user’s home.
The cables’ excellent properties ensure a high level of quality of the transmission network, a high degree of transmission security and a long useful life. Their compact and robust design and the protection from a PE jacket make the glass fibres of micro cables more bending-resistant than classic optic cables. Thanks to their UV resistance and longitudinal water tightness they are perfect as outdoor cables.

Installing micro fibre optic cables using blow-in technology

Their reduced diameter makes fibre optic micro cables considerably more compact than traditional optic cables. As the cables have only up to 12 fibres, are lightweight, thin and flexible, they have very small installation radiuses. Glass fibre micro cables are blown into micro tubes, also called microducts. The cables’ flexibility is ideally aligned to the micro tubes so the blowing-in technology can achieve extensive blow-in lengths.
For more information about installing fibre optic micro cables, please see the individual products’ installation instructions.

For reliable networks you need a strong partner

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