p/nr.Part nameAvailabilityPackagingEUR netto pre-metal per 1.000 m.
072118Micro A-D(ZN)2Y 1X4 G.657A1/G.652D OD 2.5 BK
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072119Micro A-D(ZN)2Y 1X6 G.657A1/G.652D OD 2.5 BK
in stock
073133MICRO A-D(ZN)2Y 1X12 G.657A1/G.652D OD 2.4 BK
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072120Micro A-D(ZN)2Y 1X12 G.657A1/G.652D 200 OD 2.5 BK
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072121Micro A-D(ZN)2Y 1X24 G.657A1/G.652D 200 OD 2.8 BK
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Customs Tariff Number (code number) 85447000100000000
Standard IEC 60793-1, IEC 60793-2, IEC 60794-5
Sheathing material polyethylene
Colour of outer sheath black
Leistungsbereiche - Ausschreibungstexte - GAEB Kommunikations- und Übertragungsnetze
Cable metal-free yes
Wall thickness of sheath 0.35 mm
Tensile strength (during installation) 100 N
Permitted storage and transport temperature -20 - +70 °C
Permitted installation temperature -5 - +50 °C
Permitted operating temperature -20 - +70 °C
Crush resistance 300 N
Bending radius (under tension) 20 x Ø
Bending radius (without tension) 10 x Ø
Printing method ink jet
Unit of measurement metre

Micro cable for injection into micro tubes 7/4 or 10/6

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