Mini fibre optic cable

Mini fibre optic cables are fibre optic cables, whose compact cable design makes them ideally suited for connecting glass fibre routes between technology centre and distribution point.

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Mini fibre optic cables for extensive glass fibre connections

Mini fibre optic cables are used as glass fibre connections in urban applications or in cabling technology for campus networks and industrial settings. The mini cable with a central multifibre loose buffer excels in a compact cable design and full fibre functionality. Thanks to their small outer diameter, the fibre optic cables are perfectly adjusted to normal market micro tubes.
Mini fibre optic cable with stranded multifibre loose buffers and bending-resistant fibres comply with the new FTTH standard (fibre to the home); the fibres are compatible for splicing.

Installation system using blow-in

Their small diameter and reduced jacket wall thickness make the mini fibre optic cable exclusively suitable for installation using a blow-in system. The mini fibre optic cables are blown int micro tubes, also called microducts. This connection technology enables a tug-less installation of mini cables in empty duct systems. The low weight of the optic cables, together with the adjusted cable stiffness and the low-friction HDPE cable jacket allow for extended blow-in distances for cabling long glass fibre routes.
To prevent damage, follow the individual products’ installation instructions for laying the mini fibre optic cables.

Faber's high-quality mini fibre optic cables

Glass fibre connections are used in phone cabling and in data cabling. We have the right fibre optic cable for your FTTH projects—around the world, 24/7. Outdoor cable, micro cables or mini cable—glass fibre is not the same as glass fibre: You would like to know more about the right glass fibre technology for your requirements? We are happy to help as your competent cable and line provider.

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