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Fibre optic data cables for strong industrial data transmission

Stable and fast data transmission is of major importance in industrial settings. To ensure smooth data communication, you need particularly robust data transmission cables able to withstand mechanical and climate conditions in industrial environments. Fibre optic data cables made from glass fibre have stable properties that make them suitable as network cables for transmitting data in a local network (LAN) or for transferring data across long distances in crane and conveyor systems, conveyor belts, drag chains and for cable trolley operation and conveyor equipment in mining above ground.

Fibre optic data cables excel in the following properties:
• resistant and flexible fibre optic cable
• UV-resistant
• ozone-resistant
• oil-resistant and flame retardant
• halogen-free
• stable & fast data transmission even under mechanical loads
Their robust properties make simplex and duplex patch cables ideal as a reliable and stable telecommunication line in industrial settings. The UV-, oil- and ozone-resistant jacket enables easy application in industrial environments as an outdoor cable. Unlike cables made from copper, fibre optic glass fibre data cables experience no loss when transmitting data and signals across long distances. The gel-filled multifibre loose buffer ensures that the fibre optic cables excel in stability and robustness as well as a high level of flexibility.

Laying fibre optic data cables as a reliable network line across long distances

Fibre optic data cables are suitable for a wide area of industrial applications. The fibre optic data cables can be used for cabling crane and conveyor systems or installed on conveyor equipment in mining above ground and along conveyor belts and drag chains. Ensure to evenly remove the reeling fibre optic lines during laying without tugging or twisting. If you route the data transmission cables through protective tubes, make sure to avoid sharp edges and kinking to rule out error rates.

Faber's reeling fibre optic data cables and lines for any need

As one the leading cable and line providers we understand what our customers want and need. That’s why we want to deliver the right fibre optic data cables to you even for special requirements, and are offering you the right cable assembly for your needs.
If needed for your order or project, our fibre optic lines can be coated with E9/125, 50/125 or 62,5/125 fibres. You can choose between single-mode fibres and multi-mode fibres. Depending on your required connection technology you will receive our fibre optic data cables and lines with the right ST connectors or pigtails if needed.

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