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What are universal fibre optic cables?

Universal fibre optic cables are optic cables and/or fibre optic cables suitable for outdoor pipe laying or underground installation or as indoor riser cables or floor distributors. Universal fibre optic cables are used as building connectors to set up campus cabling for transmitting data or as supply and/or connection cables.
The cable design of the universal fibre optic cable consists of stranded multifibre loose buffers with up to 12 or 24 optic cables with a coloured fibre coating, filled with a thixotropic compound. The cable core is dry with swellable elements. Thanks to their halogen-free cable jacket, universal fibre optic cables are flame retardant and have a metal-free reinforcement made from glass yarn to protect them from mechanical loads.

Universal fibre optic cable as an all-rounder for indoors and outdoors

Universally applicable fibre optic cables help to transition from inside a building to outdoors with just one cable. Universal fibre optic cables can be used as building connectors for campus cabling where longer cable sections between two buildings need to be laid outdoors. Our stable fibre optic cables are suitable for use in outdoor ductwork or for laying in indoor riser cables. The non-metal cladding makes the fibre optic cable resistant to mechanical loads from pulling or fastenings and offers ideal rodent protection to avoid damage from bites.

Universal fibre optic cables excel in the following properties as indoor and outdoor cables:
• halogen-free cable jacket
• UV-resistant
• longitudinal water tightness
• tensile strength
• crush resistance
• flame retardant
• high level of transmission security
• rodent protection

Laying universal fibre optic cables indoors and outdoors

You can lay universal fibre optic cables inside of buildings and outdoors. As outdoor cables, they are suitable for feeding through ductwork and piping, but are not approved for direct underground installation. Indoors they can be used as riser cables or floor distributors via cable ducts and cable trays.
To prevent any damage while laying universal fibre optic cables, please follow the applicable installation instructions.

Reliable campus cabling with Faber's universal fibre optic cables

Our Faber B2B Shop offers you a large selection for cables for various requirements. Universal fibre optic cables combine the strongest properties of indoor and outdoor cables in a fibre optic cable. Our fibre optic installation cables are available as standard or data cables in single mode—pre-assembled in various cross-sections and fibre counts.
We are happy to help with any questions you may have for choosing the right fibre optic cable. Please get in touch and benefit from our professional advice and many years of experience.

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