Copper wire

Copper wire and earth wire made from copper are used in electrical system construction for earthing purposes.

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Things to know about copper wire

Strong copper cable range in premium quality

Faber round wire consists of multiple compacted copper strands. Thanks to this design, our copper wire excels in a high level of flexibility. Our copper wire product range includes annealed wire as well as hard-drawn conductors in various different nominal conductor cross-sections. Our soft copper wire is also available as pure or tinned copper cable.
In addition, we offer ESUY earth wire with a braided conductor core made from super-fine stranded copper wire. This insulated copper wire has an additional transparent PVC shield to ensure safety in all areas of use. Our earth wire is highly flexible and available in ten variants with various nominal conductor cross-sections for a range from 16 to 240mm².

Copper wire uses for safe earthing in electric systems construction

While copper wire is mostly used for earthing purposes in electric systems construction, earth wire has an ideal area of application in portable or mobile earthing and shorting devices. They provide temporary earthing, for example, during repairs on high-voltage systems where they reliably protect working personnel from electric charges.
You can count on Faber’s high-quality copper wire and earth wire. We will provide you with the right copper wire for any type of earthing purpose in electric systems construction—whether stationary or portable. Choose your cable from a wide range of cross-sections, cutting lengths and finishes so that it exactly suits your application need. With us you can count on immediate product availability and a strong portfolio. And if you cannot find what you are looking for, then just contact us—as a specialised cable wholesaler we will surely find a solution for you.

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