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Low voltage cables as well as medium voltage cables and overhead lines are all classified as power cables. In local grids, cables with low voltage are used in the last substation, where the current changes from medium voltage to low voltage (0.6/1 kV) before reaching the end user.

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Things to know about low voltage cables

Powerful low voltage cables from the cable expert Faber

Low voltage cables are used for energy transmission in the nominal voltage range of 600/1000 V to transfer electrical energy to equipment and systems. In Europe, low-voltage networks are operated with an alternating voltage of up to 1000 V and thus run on significantly less volts than high-voltage networks. Low voltage cables are used in industrial environments, especially as power distribution cables in power stations, industrial plants and switchgear. Low voltage cables are also used in local grids. In this case, the cables are used at the point where the current changes from medium voltage to a low voltage of 0.6/1 kV before reaching the end user.

Low voltage cables for energy distribution in fields of application with special requirements

To supply electricity to areas that are rather sparsely populated or difficult to access, it is recommended to install special low voltage cables – more precisely, self-supporting high voltage air cables. These low voltage cables are also used in the construction industry to supply electricity to temporary construction sites or for bridging rough terrain. In Faber's range of cables, you can find a variety of low voltage cables for special fields of application or applications that have to withstand increased mechanical stress during installation and later during operation. Halogen free, low-smoke low voltage cables have an improved reaction in the event of a fire and are therefore suitable for use in buildings with a high concentration of people or material assets. Our tested low voltage cables are also used in applications that require increased oil and fuel resistance. In this context, the low voltage cables are used, for example, to supply power and to control oil pumps, fuel pumps and dispensers.

The set-up and installation of low voltage cables as low voltage underground cables

Low voltage cables consist of four main components: The copper wires or aluminium wires, which are surrounded by a PVC or VPE insulation, are located on the inside. The cores have sheathing and are reinforced by a PVC or VPEouter sheath which protects from UV light. The strength of the transmitted energy is much lower for low voltage cables and wires than for high voltage cables and wires. Therefore, low voltage cables may be installed underground for earthing purposes, while high voltage cables, which transfer several hundred kV, must be routed on special power pylons. Halogen free low voltage cables are an exception. These cables must not be installed directly underground. Besides installation as an underground cable, the various low voltage cable types can be installed indoors, outdoors, in water and in concrete. It is also possible to install them in cable ducts. Some low voltage cable types from the cable manufacturer Faber are designed for increased mechanical stress during installation and operation. Please observe the relevant installation instructions for each low voltage cable type available on our website.

Your contact partner for questions regarding low voltage cables

Faber is your reliable partner for sophisticated cable solutions. This also includes low voltage cables for energy distribution in the nominal voltage range of 0.6/1 kV. Our extensive product range of cables and wires by the metre is available in different cross sections 24 hours a day in our online shop. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our competent cable experts who will assist you with everything, from selecting the right low voltage cable to a punctual delivery of your cables and wires. You should also explore our other range of power cables: medium voltage cables and overhead cables. Contact us today!

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