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Things to know about medium voltage cables

Medium voltage cable construction

The cable layers of medium voltage cables for the 6–30 kV voltage range is as follows (from innermost to outermost layer): conductor, inner conductive layer, insulation, outer conductive layer, separation tape, copper shield, separation layer; for medium voltage cable types with longitudinal or transverse water tightness, an additional aluminium foil, and outer sheath. The specifications of the individual medium voltage cables as well as the cable construction can be seen from the abbreviations in the cable’s product name. The cable designations for common medium voltage cables, NA2XSY, NA2XS(F)2Y or N2XS(FL)2Y, stand for the following specifications:
• N: standard
• A: aluminium conductor (copper conductors have no abbreviation)
• 2X: VPE insulation
• S: copper shield
• F: swelling separation tape for longitudinal water tightness
• FL: swelling separation tape for longitudinal water tightness, and aluminium tape for transverse water tightness
• Y: PVC sheath
• 2Y: PE sheath

Medium voltage cable types

Faber, your cable specialist, can provide you with a variety of medium voltage cable types in the 6–30kV voltage range for use in local or distribution grids, power stations as well as industrial systems and switchboards. Medium voltage cables have either an aluminium or a copper conductor with a single or triple wire, and a PVC or PE sheath to make the cables particularly robust. In addition, we differentiate between F types with longitudinal water tightness, a conductive, swelling separation tape and PE outer sheath, and FL types, which are not only resistant to longitudinal water ingress but, thanks to an aluminium separation tape, also to transverse water ingress. Therefore, these medium voltage cable types are also suitable for fairly unfavourable usage conditions, in particular if you want to avoid the longitudinal or transverse ingress of water after mechanical damage. Please feel free to contact Faber, your medium voltage cable manufacturer, today to find out more about our comprehensive product range. Our online shop offers a wide selection of various medium voltage cable cross-sections and is available at any time.

Medium voltage cable installation

Medium voltage cables are the second most commonly installed cables after low-voltage cables. The ampacity of medium voltage cables has a range of 6 to 30kV. The cables are generally installed as underground cables or indoors. Depending on the type of medium voltage cable, they are also suitable as outdoor cables for installation in water as well as for installation in concrete if there is increased mechanical stress during installation or later in operation. In addition, medium voltage cables can also be routed through cable ducts. A multitude of medium voltage cable types, such as the cables N2XSY and NA2XSY, feature extremely positive installation properties, making them a good choice even for difficult routing. According to VDE 0276, the cables must be protected from direct sunlight. Medium voltage cables with PE sheath, such as the cables N2XS2Y and N2XS(FL)2Y, are particularly robust and therefore withstand heavy mechanical stress during installation and later in operation. When installing these cables in cable ducts or indoors, please keep in mind that the PE sheath is halogen-free but not flame-retardant according to DIN VDE 0482 332 1. After successful cable installation, VLF testing systems are used for cable testing of medium voltage cables. Here, a VLF (very low frequency) AC voltage is applied to the test piece, which must endure a defined testing time without disruptive discharge.

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