PVC-insulated wires

PVC wire is a telecommunication cable and consists of a flexible PVC cable with insulated cores. PVC-insulated wires are suitable for indoor routing on or under render, or in brickwork in dry or wet rooms. Provided they are protected from direct sunlight, it is also possible to lay PVC-insulated cables outdoors.

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YR bell cables meeting any requirement

You are looking for a YR-type bell cable for installing bell systems, intercom systems, two-way intercoms or home intercoms? Faber is your go-to place for bell cables! As one of the leading cable specialists, we stock single-core PVC bell cables of type YR in different models for immediate online ordering from the metre, with doorbell wire sizes from 3 to 24 and different outer diameters from approx. 4.2mm to 10.4mm. Our PVC electrical wire casing is white with the following core codes: bk, bu, bn, ye, gn, vt, wh, og, tr, gy, rd, lb, cog, lg, ly.
Faber can provide you with the following PVC cable specifications of type YR:
2x0.8mm, 3x0.8mm, 4x0.8mm, 5x0.8mm, 6x0.8mm, 8x0.8mm, 10x0.8mm, 12x0.8mm, 14x0.8mm, 16x0.8mm, 20x0.8mm and 24x0.8mm.
Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your personal contact for any questions you may have about PVC cables and YR bell wires for electrical installations.

How to wire a door bell using a YR bell wire from Faber

For a bell to provide its intended function and to announce visitors, you need Faber YR doorbell wiring and the following components: a doorbell transformer for on-wall mounting or direct installation into the distribution system, a wired door bell with an extra-low connection voltage of 8 to 12V as well as an easily visible and accessible bell button outside the door to your house or flat. The bell button can be mounted on the wall or flush with the wall.
Successful installation results in an electric circuit from transformer to bell button, from bell button to bell and back to the transformer. If someone presses the bell button outside the house or flat, the electric circuit is closed and the bell will ring inside.

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