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Telecommunication cable AJ-Y(St)YDY Bd
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Customs Tariff Number (code number) 85444995000000000
Standard VDE 0815 (with reference to)
Conductor material copper, bare
Conductor construction Class 1 = solid
Insulation PVC
Stranding unit pair
Stranding Bundle
Material inner sheath PVC
Screen copper wires
Screen over strand plastic coated Al-foil + solid copper drain wire, tinned
Sheathing material PVC
Colour of outer sheath black
Flame-retardant VDE 0482-332-1-2/IEC 60332-1-2
UV-resistant yes
For outdoor use yes
Permitted outer cable temperature, fixed, °C -30 - +70 °C
Permitted outer cable temperature, moved, °C -5 - +50 °C
Bending radius, fixed installation 15 x Ø
Insulation resistance 100 MOhmxkm
Core identification colours acc. to VDE 0815
metal base Cu 100 EUR/100 kg
Unit of measurement metre

For signal transmission in telecommunication systems or measurement, control and data systems where interference or disruption from high-voltage systems is to be expected. For permanent installation indoors and outdoors as well as in the ground. The instructions in VDE 0891 T. 6 and VDE 0845 T. 1 must be complied with.

p/nr.Part nameAvailabilityPackagingEUR netto pre-metal per 1.000
110454AJ-Y(St)YDY 02X2X0.8 Bd Si 3.5 Cu BK
on request

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110514AJ-Y(St)YDY 04X2X0.8 Bd Si 3.5 Cu BK
on request
110515AJ-Y(St)YDY 08X2X0.8 Bd Si 3.5 Cu BK
on request
110516AJ-Y(St)YDY 12X2X0.8 Bd Si 3.5 Cu BK
on request
110517AJ-Y(St)YDY 16X2X0.8 Bd Si 3.5 Cu BK
on request
110455AJ-Y(St)YDY 20X2X0.8 Bd Si 3.5 Cu BK
on request
110198AJ-Y(St)YDY 02X2X0.8 Bd Si 16 Cu BK
in stock
110163AJ-Y(St)YDY 04X2X0.8 Bd Si 16 Cu BK
in stock
110200AJ-Y(St)YDY 08X2X0.8 Bd Si 16 Cu BK
in stock
110165AJ-Y(St)YDY 12X2X0.8 Bd Si 16 Cu BK
in stock
110201AJ-Y(St)YDY 20X2X0.8 Bd Si 16 Cu BK
in stock
110595AJ-Y(St)YDY 32X2X0.8 Bd Si 16 Cu BK
on request
110214AJ-Y(St)YDY 40X2X0.8 Bd Si 16 Cu BK
in stock
110285AJ-Y(St)YDY 48X2X0.8 Bd Si 16 Cu BK
in stock

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