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Terms and conditions for the use of cable drums



This document applies in addition to our delivery and payment terms and describes the drums delivered by Faber, the conditions for their use, and the particularities for returning them. Please pay particular attention to this information to prevent misunderstandings and facilitate the cooperation in day-to-day business.

Our deliveries are provided on:

1. Rental Faber drums

2. Rent-free Faber drums

3. Rental KTG drums

1. Rental Faber drums

All solid wood drums from a diameter of 1.00 m that are not allocated to KTG are principally the property of Klaus Faber AG and provided for rent.

The first nine months counting from the month of delivery are rent-free (see also 1.5).

1.1 Delivery note and drum information

The "Delivery note and drum information" form indicates which drums are for rent and/or rent-free. If drums are for rent, the drum size can be found next to the drum number, and the date from when the rent needs to be paid.

1.2 Drum account statement

We will provide you with our drum account statement monthly by e-mail. If you wish to receive the account statement regularly, please return the attached reply letter to us.

1.3 Drum empty message

As soon as the rental Faber drums delivered by us are empty, you can report this in writing using the:

• Drum empty message form



• Internet form on our homepage


To ensure their smooth collection, please include the following information when you report empty drums by fax, e-mail or letter:

• Precise pick-up address

• Contact person with telephone number

• Collection times

• Loading options at the locality

(Please note: Our disposal service does not include the costs for loading the drums and the equipment possibly required for this.)

• Number of the plastic label

If provided, or drum numbers and diameters and/or the number of drums and diameter

Every drum empty message will be followed by a confirmation from us. At the same time as sending this confirmation, we commission the respective haulage contractor, who will collect the empty drums within four weeks or at the set date. Set dates can cause additional costs that we will pass on to you. We are unfortunately unable to collect drums from foreign countries or islands.

The collection service is free for our customers within the 4-week period. The loading and use of loading equipment is not included, however. We charge 30 euros per collection for the deployment of lifting platforms. Possibly incurred crane costs will be passed on to you.

All costs arising from non-compliant transport or from faulty drum empty messages need to be borne by the sender of the drum empty message.

1.4 Duty of Care of the Releaser

a) Until the date of return, but no longer than 3 months after receipt of the return request, the purchaser remains obliged to store the cable reel with the care he uses in his own affairs. The risks of loss or damage for this period shall be borne by the releaser.

b) We are not liable for the return of drums that do not belong to us.

c) The return of empty cable drums will be arranged by us and at our expense. If the purchaser returns a cable drum to us without prior agreement with us, he acts at his own risk and at his own expense.

1.5 Return reminder

We will remind you of the drum return and/or start of the chargeable period circa four to six weeks before the expiry of the rent-free period, i.e. between the seventh and eighth month. We will e-mail this return reminder to you. Please return the attached reply letter to us for this purpose.

1.6 Charges

If drums are not reported empty to Klaus Faber AG within the nine rent-free months, we will start charging drum rent. This amounts to 15 % of the drums' selling price for every started month from the 10th to the 14th month (meaning that 75 % of the collateral value will be charged as a maximum rental fee).

If drums are not reported empty by the end of the 15th month, the full selling price will be charged for them.

Invoices will be sent after the respective drum empty message/stock receipt of the drums, but after the 15-month rental period at the latest.

Drum invoices are payable within 30 days, strictly net. Once the total fee has been duly paid, the cable drums become the property of the ordering party.

1.7 Security Deposit

In the event of insolvency, liquidation, plant closure or similar of the purchaser, Klaus Faber AG shall be entitled to charge a security deposit for the value of the pledge.

2. Rent-free Faber drums

All drums with a diameter up to and including 0.90 m that are no allocated to KTG are principally the property of Klaus Faber AG and provided for rent-free use. We also need to be notified when these drums are empty.

2.1 Reporting empty rent-free drums

• Drum empty message form



• Internet form on our homepage


In reporting empty rent-free drums, we would like to ask you to only send us a drum empty message once five rent-free drums have accrued as a minimum. This helps to optimize and expedite their collection while reducing the costs of their return.

3. KTG drums

All KTG drums are exclusively subject to the fee system of KTG GmbH & Co. KG in Troisdorf.

The fee system can be viewed at http://www.kabeltrommel.de/en-GB/KTG/Downloads

3.1. Reporting empty KTG reels

AS opposed to Faber drums, managed reusable KTG reels are only rent-free for six months and should be reported empty to KTG within this period. The reel rent from the seventh month amounts to 15 % of the selling price of the respective reel for every started month (see: reel overview modelled on KTG).

3.2. Unmanaged reusable reels

Both reel types need to be reported empty to KTG GmbH & Co. KG. KTG provides a reel empty message form on its homepage for this.

3.3 PVC drums

The collection of plastic drums that are delivered by Faber (up to a flange diameter of 600 mm) but have KTG printed on them is organized by Kabeltrommel GmbH & Co. KG. The drum empty messages for them are sent directly to Kabeltrommel GmbH & Co. KG.

Please note that KTG will only collect unmanaged reusable reels from a minimum quantity of 25.

Please also note section 14 ("Cable drums") of our payment and delivery terms.

Our service

We assure you that we will always aim to find a solution which is satisfactory for both sides.

Our drum management will gladly answer any questions you may have in this respect.

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