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Things to know about rubber cables

Rubber cables for specific mechanical stress

By using rubber cables as flexible cables, it is possible to connect equipment under light, average and harsh operating conditions. As a leading manufacturer of cables and wires, we mainly specialise in rubber wires for application areas where the mechanical stress can be high to very high. The rubber wire specifications as light, medium and heavy rubber cables point out their area of application. These rubber wires are available in various cross sections by the metre – for example, as rubber wire 3x1.5 mm, rubber wire 5x2.5 mm.
For instance, rubber wires are used in households and kitchens to connect equipment such as vacuum cleaners or other kitchen appliances. Even offices provide easy operating conditions for the connection of such devices.
The fields of application of rubber cables subject to average mechanical stress include tool and mechanical engineering as well as equipment design and construction sites. Besides this, rubber wires can also be used as chlorine, slurry and seawater-resistant submersible motor rubber flex cables for permanent use in water and to connect electrical equipment in temperatures of up to 70°C and a water depth of 800 metres. In light chains, rubber cables are used as an illumination flat rubber flex cable.
When connecting mining equipment above and below ground, rubber wires are subject to extremely high mechanical stress. Other Faber special cables made from rubber are used as control cables in hoists, conveyor and transport systems or as traction power rubber flex cables, supply and connecting cables for power supply on railway lines. Photovoltaic systems are also subject to harsh operating conditions. The Faber range of cables includes special cables made of rubber (such as the solar cable) that are also suitable for this field of application, which could even be potentially explosive under certain conditions. Halogen free rubber cables are used in areas with special fire protection requirements, for example, where only a small amount of smoke and corrosive gases may be produced in the event of a fire.

Rubber cables and rubber wires: Cables & cable installation

Depending on the type and load capacity, rubber cables are suitable for fixed or flexible installation. They can be installed either indoors or outdoors. When installed indoors, rubber cables can be routed in dry, damp and wet rooms. These rubber cables are not affected by sunlight and moisture; many of these cables are also resistant to ozone and oil. Some rubber wires can also be installed in industrial water and on machine parts. Please observe the relevant installation instructions for each rubber cable such as the rubber wire H07RN-F, rubber wire 3x1.5 mm² and rubber wire 5x2.5 mm².

Your contact partner for questions regarding rubber cables

Whether you are in the industrial, commercial, agricultural, mining or any other sector that requires difficult operating conditions, Faber offers you the right cable solution for rubber wires. Thanks to our online shop, you have 24-hour access to our wide product range of cables and wires. Here you will find information on rubber cables in different cross sections and can order them by the metre. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact our trained cable experts. Faber offers you individual advice and tailor-made cable solutions. You are also welcome to enquire about our flexible wires and cables by the metre.

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