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Electrical heat tracing for use in industry and building technology

Use Faber to realise your heat tracing projects

Faber offers you many convenient products to successfully realise your heat tracing project in industry and building technology. We stock self regulating heating tapes, components for controlling and monitoring, practical accessories and the necessary installation material to assemble your electrical heat tracing.
We will provide you with expert advice! Our team of specialists has many years of experience with the area of electrical heat tracing. Please contact us for more information. We work closely with ZIEGLER ENGINEERING GmbH, our subsidiary, to ensure that your heat tracing project will be a full success.

How heat tracing works

Heat tracing means that electricity is guided through a heating element that creates heat. This heat is transferred to the pipe to prevent the pipe from freezing or cooling down, no matter whether it is about frost protection or temperature maintenance. Self regulating heating tapes are often the most popular choice for this field of application as they adjust the amount of heat generated to the temperature of the pipe.

Optimum frost protection in the industry thanks to pipe trace heating

Industrial heat tracing is often used in oil, gas or chemical processing and in food production. Industrial heat tapes are generally made from robust materials to resist harsh conditions. They provide frost protection for pipes and vessels and prevent potential production losses, additional costs or repairs. Heat tracing systems also offer a number of advantages for building technology. Faber offers heating cables for many applications, for example, as underfloor heating, surface heating or frost protection for gutters.

Advantages of industrial heat tracing

Electrical heat tracing ensures efficient and safe operation by maintaining your system’s optimum temperature. Self regulating heating tapes increase efficiency because they independently adjust their heating performance to the ambient temperature. Our high-quality heating cables prevent damage to pipes.

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