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Things to know about control cables and electronic cables

Reliable power supply for industry, plant and mechanical engineering

Industrial electric wires and cables for supplying power and energy have to meet special requirements for laying. Faber control wiring has been specially developed for industrial environments. Our mechanical control cables are suitable for plant and mechanical engineering, assembly and the particular aspects of factory buildings. We have an extensive portfolio of industrial control cables for a host of different tasks to be considered when laying cables in industrial environments. Our shielded control cables are particularly resistant, excellently withstand oil, temperature variations and abrasion, and can reliably transmit signals and data even in moist or wet rooms or machine interiors.

Comprehensive expertise for excellent power control cable solutions

Thanks to our many years of experience in cable manufacturing, we understand very well the realities industrial cables have to face. We also know the costs and investment volumes of the different industries—a crucial plus when trying to find fast and safe solutions. Faber’ industry task force is dedicated to these special competencies.
Resistant, high-quality engineering of our control cables—whether shielded control cables, shielded electrical cables, shielded control wires or unshielded control cables—for applications with or without motion and a range of mechanical loads is very important to us. Our industrial electric wires and cables are manufactured from materials meeting the most stringent of quality standards because they enable particularly small cable diameters, making Faber’s control cables versatile to use even in applications with little space for energy supply, such as inside machinery.

Extensive control wiring portfolio and optimum product availability

These pillars of Faber’s business model enable swift response times for the needs of mechanical and plant engineering. Thanks to our comprehensive range of multicore control cables, electronic cables, bus cables, drag chain cables and universal control cables as well as custom cables, you will find the right cable for every industrial application at Faber. We are also a control cable supplier for automation systems and can supply you with a wide range of control cable parts. Faber control cable components help you benefit from high-quality cables for a wide variety of industrial applications and from our deep industry expertise.

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