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Underground cable ducts for fibre optic cables in various models

Subducts hdpe for the safe transport of energy and data

Underground cable ducts, such as our subduct hdpe, are indispensable for laying fiber optic cables or data cables underground. The main reason to install underground cable ducts in outdoor areas is a better protection against mechanical damage. Due to the material polyethylene, the subducts hdpe can be flexibly laid underground. The cable protection tubes serve as underground cable protection for a plethora of different cable types. Several wires and cables can be pulled through our subduct hdpe at the same timein contrast to our multiducts.
Matching connectors and end stops for our high quality cable protection tubes can also be found at our Faber B2B Webshop.
We can provide you with an undergorun cable duct according to DIN 16874 and SDR class 11.

Microducts and multiducts: Infrastructure solutions for FTTx networks

Microducts and multiducts are the way to go for blowing in fiber optic cables at any FTTx-Expansion project. Here, not only the blow-in capability of the respective fiber optic mini cable or fiber optic micro cable is important, but also the requirement for the associated microducts and multiducts. The aforementioned tubes act as underground cable protection for sensitive fiber optic cables.
Our products are a must for any microduct fiber installation to bring together your optimal fiber optic project.

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