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Things to know about power cables 1 - 30 kV

Wide choice of power cable types

Faber offers you a comprehensive range of power cord types at different voltage levels. Choose the ideal cable for your energy distribution projects—from our low-voltage cords, medium-voltage cables and overhead lines.
Due to their fields of applications, power cables are also colloquially called earth cables or external power cables. We offer you a wide variety of power cables with different cross-sections and cutting lengths, which can also be uses as power extension cords.

Outdoor power cables for any purpose-from low voltage to medium voltage

Low-voltage cables are used to transmit energy from substations or transformer stations all the way to the end users. That is why energy providers or public utilities are a field of application for low-voltage wiring. Transformer stations convert the current from medium voltage to low voltage, i.e., from 0.6 to 1kV. Medium-voltage cables, on the other hand, are suited for higher outputs with a voltage range of 6 to 30kV. They are used to bridge medium distances such as in larger local grids or with industrial power cables.

Safe electrical power cables for overhead lines

In contrast to low-voltage cables, which mostly run underground as earth cables, some regions also use aerial cables for the public distribution grid. Aerial lines with a shielded power cable are used for the home connection where the maximum grid voltage must stay below 1.2kV.
Faber’s power cables give you best-in-class constantly tested quality—in a comprehensive portfolio with maximum product availability. With Faber you can count on one of the largest cable manufacturers and distributors—and an expertise to win you over.

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