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Things to know about fibre optics components

Fibre optic components enable FTTH connections

The expansion of broadband internet is the backbone of the IT infrastructure. The use of fibre optic components and optical fibres is the optimal solution for this. Single-mode fibres are used here because they transmit broadband signals over very long distances with low losses.

Application range of fibre optic patch cables

Fibre optic patch cables are used to create passive connections of fibre optic components. The cables are available with different connectors and as singlemode and multimode variants. Depending on the use and application, simplex or duplex variants are used.

Fiber optic components for fiber optic connection

An FTTH connection requires not only optical fibres, but also other fiber optic components such as splice cassettes, fiber optic modules, customer premise entries and, last but not least, accessories and installation materials. In order for these fiber optic interfaces to be properly wired in network technology, house entries, as well as cleaners, among other things, are also used.
In such cabling for optical fibers or fibre optic cables, it is essential in the application to use the right fiber optic components.
In the commercial sector, you will usually find a splice cassette in a splice box at the house sub-distribution to terminate the cable.
In the residential sector, the fibre optic cable is fed into the building by the network provider through the buidling entry point and terminated at customer premise entry.
These fibre optic components are what make FTTx expansion possible in the first place.

Fiber optic components for any fiber optic cable

As a full-range supplier in the field of FTTx expansion, Klaus Faber AG offers not only fiber optic cable but also the matching fiber optic components.
Due to the excellent product quality in cooperation with well-known manufacturers, we can offer you a well-rounded product range.

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