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Things to know about flex cables

Maximum flexibility with flex cables for a variety of tasks

Faber’s flexible wires are your cables of choice for power and energy supply applications where flexibility is key. Our great product range ensures that you will find the optimum cable for your application. We have single-core cables in multiple models for internal wiring in equipment or switch cabinets. Depending on your field of application, PVC single-core cables are also available, whether as zero-halogen or heat-resistant varieties.
For low- to medium-use mechanical stresses in homes, kitchens or office spaces, our insulated wires are the ideal choice. Wherever a high degree of durability is needed, our portfolio of rubber cables and PUR-insulated cables will provide you with a variety of models meeting this requirement. Therefore, PUR-insulated cables are also used in construction or agriculture.
When installing lights, however, the most important aspect is heat resistance, so Faber silicone wires are your right choice because they can easily withstand temperatures of up to 180°C. Flex cables are also ideal in terms of other types of increased thermal or chemical stress. When installing switch cabinets, FEP-insulated wires more than satisfy these higher requirements, while PTFE wires are also flame-retardant and weather-proof. For extreme mechanical stress, our portfolio of trailing cables is sure to have the right solution for you.

Special cables—flexible wires for special use cases

If your applications require more than a standard solution, our special cables come into play. Depending on their usage scenarios, the requirements for high flex cables may vary greatly. When manufacturing special cables, we can ideally cater to industry-specific and special situations so you receive the perfect cable for your exact task. As a leading cable manufacturer we can provide you with a variety of cable solutions and use a wide range of components for assembling special cables.

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